No. Company Country Position in the Company
1 3M Russia Russia Business Development Specialist
2 3М Russia Russia Sales Manager
3 ABC Farben Russia General Manager
4 Aditim Russia Tba
5 AGС Chemicals RUS Russia Director
6 AGС Chemicals RUS Russia Tba
7 Akrilan Russia Regional Sales Director
8 Akrilan Russia General Manager
9 Akrilan Russia Chief Technologist
10 Akzo Nobel Russia Distribution Manager
11 Akzo Nobel Russia Sales Manager BERMOCOLL
12 Akzo Nobel Russia Commercial Manager
13 Akzo Nobel Russia Account Manager
14 Akzo Nobel D?cor Russia Sales Director
15 Akzo Nobel Expancel Russia Sales Manager Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Baltic states, Mongolia
16 Akzo Nobel Expancel Germany Sales Manager Expancel DACH
17 Alina Kazakhstan Brand Director Alina Paint
18 Alina Kazakhstan Head of Research and Product Development Division
19 Angus Chemical Company France Customer application specialist - Paints & Coatings
20 Angus Chemical Company France Account Manager
21 Ariсon Trade Russia Commercial Director
22 ARKEMA FRANCE Russia Head of Moscow representative office
23 ARKEMA FRANCE Russia Regional sales manager Russia and CIS
24 ASHLAND INC. Russia Regional Sales Manager
26 Azelis RUS Russia Sales Manager CASE
27 Azelis RUS Russia Business Development Manager
28 Azelis RUS Russia Sales Manager CASE
29 Baikal Minerals Russia Commercial Director
30 Baikal Minerals Russia Key Account Manager
31 Baikal Minerals Russia Technical Director
32 Bang&Bonsomer Russia Head of Application Industrial Coatings Russia
33 Bang&Bonsomer Russia Sales manager
34 Bang&Bonsomer Russia Head of Architectural Paint&Powder Coating Application
35 Bang&Bonsomer Russia Sales manager
36 Bang&Bonsomer Russia Technical Support Specialist
37 BARS-2 Russia Head of Procurement Department
38 BASF Russia Regional Sales Manager of Solvents and Alcohol
39 BASF Russia Techspecialist "Dispersions and additives for WB coatings"
40 BELCOLOR Russia Chief of Finance
41 BELCOLOR Russia Development Director
42 BELNEFTEHIM-ROS Russia General Manager
43 BELNEFTEHIM-ROS Russia Head of Coatings Sales Department
44 Bergauf Russia Head of Research Center
45 Bergauf Russia Deputy General Manager
46 BINA Group Russia Head of petrochemical department
47 BINA Group Russia Head of department chemical raw materials for paints and varnishes
48 BINA Group Russia Head of department of pigments and chemical raw materials for paints and varnishes
49 BINA Group Russia Director of development
50 BINA Group Russia Head of department of epoxy
51 BINA Group Russia Chief Commercial Officer
52 Biofa Rus Russia General Manager
53 BRENNTAG Russia Sales Manager
54 BRENNTAG Russia Business Manager
55 BRENNTAG Russia Manager
56 Buhler Group Russia Manager of direction "Grinding & Dispersing Technologies"
57 Celanese Sales Germany GmbH Germany Technical support manager
58 Celanese Sales Rus Russia Account Manager Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
59 Centrlak Association Russia Director
60 Chemours Russia Business Leader. Eastern&CentralEurope,Turkey, MiddleEast, Africa
61 Chemours Russia Key accounts manager
62 Chemours Russia Key Account Manager Central and Eastern Europe
63 Chemours Chemiсal Rus Russia Technical and marketing representative
64 Chromaflo Technologies Russia Tba
65 Chromaflo Technologies Finland OY Russia Tba
66 Company HOMA Russia Commercial Director
67 Company HOMA Russia Head of Dispersion Department
68 Company HOMA Russia Head of Logistics Department
69 Company HOMA Russia Head of Scientific Research Center
70 Company KPD Ukraine General director and author of technology of efficiency
71 Company KPD Ukraine Assistant to General Director
72 Cotm Russia Deputy Commercial Director
73 Cotm Russia Commercial Director
74 Covestro Russia Country Representative CAS CIS
75 CTH Petrovich Russia Head of direction "Finishing Materials"
76 DAW - Russland Russia General Director
77 DAW - Russland Russia Sales Director
78 DAW - Russland Russia Procurement Leader
79 DAW - Twer Russia General Director
80 DELTACHEM Russia General manager
81 DELTACHEM Russia Director of JASSA.RU
82 Dmitrievsky chemical plant Russia Head of Sales Department
83 DOW (Dow Polska) Poland Customer Application Specialist
84 Dow Europe GmbH Germany Marketing Manager Industrial coatings
85 Dow Europe GmbH Representative Office Russia Sales Manager
86 Dow Europe GmbH Representative Office Russia Head of сoatings group
87 Eastman Chemical Company Russia Sales Manager
88 Eigenmann & Veronelli Russia Russia&CIS Regional Manager
89 Ekomalen Rus Russia General Manager
90 EKSPERTEKOLOGIYA Russia Commercial Director
91 Eltrans Russia Key Account Manager
92 Empils Russia Sales Director
93 Empils Russia General Director
94 Empils Russia Chief of supply department
95 Empire of Color Russia General Manager
96 ENTEVEKA Russia General Manager
97 Er-Chimles Russia Chief Commercial Officer
98 Eskaro Group АВ Sweden Market Development Director
99 Eskaro Group АВ Sweden CEO of Eskaro AS
100 Euro Chemical Russia General Manager
101 Euro Colour Co Ltd Russia General Manager
102 Euro Colour Co Ltd Russia Head of Sales Department
103 Euro Colour Co Ltd Russia Senior sales manager
104 Eurocolori srl Italy Export Manager
105 Eurocolori srl Italy Export Manager
106 Eurocolori srl Italy CEO
107 Evonik Chimia Russia Head of Coating Resins
108 Evonik Chimia Russia Head of Crosslinkers
109 Evonik Chimia Russia Business-manager
110 Evonik Industries AG Germany Global marketing, BL Coating Additives
111 Evonik Industries AG Germany Sales Europe & Business support, BL Coating Additives
112 Evonik Industries AG Germany Director Business Development, Region Europe
113 Evonik Industries AG Germany Tba
114 Expocentr Russia Senior manager
115 Expocentr Russia Project Manager
116 Finkraska M Russia Head of Supply Department
117 Finkraska M Russia Head of Scientific and Technical Center
118 Finkraska M Russia Director for Production and Technical Issues
119 Grace Russia General Manager
120 Grace Russia Regional Sales Manager
121 Greiner Packaging System LLC Russia General manager
122 Greiner Packaging System LLC Russia Commercial director
123 Haver&Boecker Holding GmbH Russia Business Development Manager, Russia&CIS
124 Hempel Russia Regional Procurement Manager
125 HimInvestGroup Russia General Manager
126 HimProduct Russia General Manager
127 Himsvet Russia Commercial Director
128 Himsvet Russia Head of Sales Development Department
129 Holliday Pigments Russia Development Director
130 Holliday Pigments Russia Deputy General Manager
131 Holliday Pigments Russia Tba
132 HOMA Group Russia Head of Innovation and Technology Center
133 ICHEMAD-Profarb sp. z o.o. Poland Regional Director
134 IKP (Continental Plast) Russia Executive Director
135 IKP (Continental Plast) Russia Lead Sales Manager
136 Inmaxo-Lakra Russia General Manager
137 INTERDISP JSC Russia General Manager
138 INTERDISP RUS Russia Head of Coating Materials Department
139 INTERDISP RUS Russia Account manager of Biocides
140 INTERRA DECO Russia Business Development Director
141 INTERRA DECO GROUP Russia Commercial Director
142 ISKRA Russia Head of project "Mineral fillers"
143 ITALCOLOR Russia Regional Manager
144 IZEL KIMYA SAN. TIC. A.S. Turkey Export Technical Sales and Marketing Represantative
145 IZEL KIMYA SAN. TIC. A.S. Turkey Chemical Eng.-MS, Technical Sales & Marketing Coordinator
146 Jokey Plastik Belarus Deputy Commercial Director
147 Jokey Plastik Rus Russia Commercial Director
148 Jotun Paints LLC Russia Marketing executive
149 Jotun Paints LLC Russia Protective Coatings Sales Director
150 Jotun Paints LLC Russia Operations Manager
151 Jotun Paints LLC Russia Logistics Manager
152 Kingfisher – Castorama RUS Russia Buyer Paint
153 Koelgamramor Russia Commercial Director
154 Koelgamramor Russia Sales Manager
155 Koelgamramor Russia Deputy Commercial Director
156 Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V. Netherlands Area Manager Eastern Europe
157 Kraski Chernozem'ya Russia Commercial Director
158 KRATA Russia General Manager
159 KRATA Russia Chief engineer of project "Pigments"
160 KRATA Russia Executive Director
161 Kraton Chemical Russia General director
162 Kraton Chemical Russia Account Manager Russia & CIS
163 KREISEL Russia Deputy General Director for Development
164 KREISEL Russia Technical Marketing Manager
165 KRONOS INTERNATIONAL, Inc. Germany Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe
166 KSK-Service Russia Manager
167 KSK-Service Russia Deputy Manager
168 Kubanskiye kraski Russia General Manager
169 Laboratory "Eurostyle" Russia Deputy General Director
170 Laboratory "Eurostyle" Russia General Director
171 Lacos Russia General Manager
172 Lacos Russia Executive Director
173 LAKOKRASKA Belarus Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs
174 LAKOKRASKA Belarus Director
175 LAKRA SINTEZ Russia Deputy Commercial Director
176 Lamberti Rus Russia Commercial Director
177 Lamberti Rus Russia Project Manager
178 Larchfield LSN Russia Director
179 Larchfield LSN Russia Senior Sales Manager
180 Leader Group International Ukraine Deputy Director
181 Leader Group International Ukraine Commercial Director
182 Leroy Merlin Russia Head of Social and Environmental Responsibility
183 LKZ Kolorit Russia Director
184 LKZ Kolorit Russia Commercial Director
185 MAV Belarus Deputy Director
186 Meffert Production Russia General Manager
187 Metafrax Russia Deputy General Manager - Commercial Director
188 Minpromtorg Russia Deputy Director of the Department of Chemical Technology and Forestry Complex
189 Minpromtorg Russia Head Specialist-Expert of the Department of Chemical-Technological and Timber Industry Complex
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation      
190 Mir remonta Russia Head of Supply Department
191 Mir Upakovki Russia General Manager
192 Mir Upakovki Russia Account Manager
193 Momentive Performance Materials Rus Russia Account Manager Russia and CIS countries– Silanes
194 Morozovskiy himicheskiy zavod Russia Deputy General Director for Quality
195 NEO Chemical Russia Deputy Commercial Director
196 NEO Chemical Russia Head of department "Construction chemistry"
197 Neohim Russia Chief Commercial Officer
198 Neohim Russia Head of Coatings Department
199 Netzsch Russia General Manager
200 Netzsch Russia Commercial Director
201 Nevskaya palitra Russia General Manager
202 Nevskaya palitra Russia Commercial Director
203 Nortex Russia Head of sales department "Raw materials for сoatings , Adhesives"
204 Novaya banka iz Еvropy Russia General Manager
205 Novocolor Russia Chief Commercial Officer
206 Novy Dom Russia General Manager
207 Novy Dom Russia Head of Central laboratory
208 Olin Russia General Director
209 OLIVA Paint and Varnish Plant Russia General Manager
210 OLIVA Paint and Varnish Plant Russia Commercial Director
211 OLIVA Paint and Varnish Plant Russia Technical Director
212 OMNOVA Solutions France Regional Sales Manager
213 Omya Sp. z.o.o. Poland Sales Director
Eastern Europe      
214 OMYA URAL Russia Director Product Management Russia
215 OMYA URAL Russia Sales Director
216 Omya Аlgol Russia Head of Sales Department
217 Optimist-Perm Russia Director
218 Perint Russia Development Director
219 Pigment Russia Deputy General Manager for Science and Development
220 Pigment Russia General Manager
221 PKF Himtex Russia General Manager
222 PKF Himtex Russia Commercial Director
223 PO Merkury LTD Russia Commercial Director
224 Polychimcomplect-M Russia General Manager
225 Polychimcomplect-M Russia Sales Manager
226 Polychimcomplect-M Russia Engineer of commercial department
227 Prime Top Industry LLC Russia Purchasing & Logistics Manager
228 Prime Top Industry LLC Russia Head of рurchasing & Logistics Manager
229 Prime Top Industry LLC Russia Supply chain Director
230 Promcoat Co. Ltd Russia General Manager
231 Promcoat Co. Ltd Russia Key Account Manager
232 Prosperity Vendor Chemicals Company Russia Tba
233 Quality Control Russia General Manager
234 Quality Paint Association Russia Рresident
235 Quantum Colors Russia General Manager
236 Quantum Colors Russia Founder
237 Quantum Colors Russia Deputy General Director
238 RADIAN Russia Commercial director
239 Raduga Sintez Russia Quality and Development Director
240 Raduga Sintez Russia Deputy Commercial Director
241 Raduga Sintez Russia Deputy Commercial Director
242 Radugamaler Russia Chief Commercial Officer
243 RBM Chemicals Co Russia Business Developing Manager
244 Remmers Russia Russia General Director
245 Remmers Russia Russia Head of marketing department
246 Revada Russia Head of Construction Chemistry Department
247 RIF Mikromramor Russia Head of Project
248 Rogneda Group Russia Director of Development
249 Rogneda Group Russia General Manager
250 Rogneda Group Russia Sales Director
251 Rogneda Group Russia Director of operations
252 Rushimset Russia Head of сoatings department
253 Rushimset Russia Technical Support Manager
254 Rusmarket Russia General Manager
255 Russian Coating Russia General Manager
256 Russian Coating Russia Director of Logistics and Purchasing
257 Russian Coating Russia Head of Purchasing
258 RUSTOKS Russia Director
259 S & H Technology Russia Chief Technologist
260 Saiver Russia First Deputy General Director
261 SIBUR Russia Tba
262 SIBUR Russia Director, Sales
263 SIBUR Russia Chief Expert, Sales
264 SIBUR Russia Head of Sales, Organic Synthesis Products
265 SIBUR Russia Senior Expert, Organic Synthesis Products
266 SIBUR Russia Senior Expert, Fuel Components and Oxo-Alcohols
267 SIBUR Russia Expert, Marketing, Organic Synthesis Products
268 SIBUR Russia Development Manager / DPEOS
269 Sili CIS Russia General Manager
270 Solvay France EMEA Distribution manager Coatings Novecare
271 Spektr-TP Russia Director
272 Spika Tekhnologiya Russia General Manager
273 STiM Brest Belarus Deputy Director of Procurement department
274 STiM Brest Belarus Leading Specialist of Procurement department
275 Stroitelny Dvor Russia Head of direction «Paints, Wallpaper, Ceiling, Tile»
276 Stroitelny Dvor Russia Head of direction «Paints, Wallpaper, Ceiling, Tile»
277 Stroykomрlekt-Emal Russia Commercial Director
278 Stroykomрlekt-Emal Russia Chief Еxecutive
279 Technodecor Russia Commercial Director
280 Technohim Russia Нead of sales department "pigments, special chemistry"
281 Teknos Russia Purchasing Director
282 Teknos Russia Head of R & D
283 Telko Russia Sales Director
284 Telko Russia Sales manager
285 Telko Russia Sales manager
286 TH Lesohimik Belarus CEO
287 Thermomax Russia Deputy Director
288 Thor GmbH Germany Head of Representative Office
289 TIKKURILA Russia Director for Supply Chain Management, Research and Development
290 TIKKURILA Russia Purchasing Director
291 TIKKURILA Russia Head of Purchasing Department
292 TIKKURILA Russia Head of Purchasing Department
293 TIKKURILA Russia Head of Key Accounts Department
294 TIKKURILA Russia Director for Development, Modernization and Innovation
295 TIKKURILA Russia Managing Director
296 TIKKURILA Russia Brand Manager for Russian brands TEKS, FINNCOLOR, RUSSIA
297 TITAN Russia Deputy Director
298 TITAN Russia Director
299 Tyaga Russia Founder
300 Tyaga Russia Founder
301 TYAGA Russia Branch Director
302 UniChemTrade Russia Sales Manager
303 Univar Russia General Manager
304 Univar Russia Head of Commercial Department
305 Uralkhimprom Russia Managing Director
306 Uralkhimprom Russia Head of Department of Petrochemistry
307 UTS Group Russia Deputy General Director
308 UTS Group Russia Deputy Head of Chemical Business Development
309 UTS Group Russia Head of Department of Raw Materials for Coatings
310 VASTECO Trade House Russia Head of commodity direction
311 VASTECO Trade House Russia Head of commodity direction
312 VASTECO Trade House Russia Executive Director
313 VASTECO Trade House Russia General Manager
314 VGT Russia Marketing director
315 VIT Russia Head of Procurement Department
316 Vse kraski Russia General Manager
317 Wacker Russia Business Development Manager
318 Wacker Russia Sales Manager
319 Wacker Russia Sales Manager
320 Wacker Chemie AG (Germany) Germany Sales Director
321 Yaroslavl paints Russia General Manager
322 Yaroslavskie Kraski Russia Head of Department
323 Yaroslavskie Kraski Russia Deputy Marketing Director
324 Zavod Kraski Kvil Russia General Manager
325 ZELEST Russia Founder
326 ZELEST Russia Tba
327 Zhukovsky Machine Works Russia First Deputy General Manager
328 Zhukovsky Machine Works Russia Sales Manager
329 Zhukovsky Machine Works Russia Head of Commercial Department
330 Аllnex Belgorod Russia General Manager
331 Аllnex Belgorod Russia Area sales manager
332 АmphoСhem Belarus Director